In this blog, I will mention the benefits of social media leads and the importance of social proof and reputation management. Overall, social media lead generation is good for tradespeople as it puts your business out there and gains you more customers.

Benefits of Having Social Media Lead Generation Systems for Tradespeople

Social media has increased in popularity over the years. Over 65% of the UK population is active on social media, one of the highest percentages in the world. 

Facebook marketing for Tradespeople

          1. More visibility- attracts more customers and boosts more awareness. 
          2. Improvement in your web traffic and google rankings- impacts SEO (search engine optimisation)
          3. Better engagement with customers
          4. Social media can improve tradespeople business’s branding

Why Social Proof Is a Good Idea?

Social proof means a psychological and social phenomenon where you rely on the feedback and actions of others to determine your action under a certain situation. Additionally,it conveys value, boosts credibility, increases conversions, improves web traffic and SEO.


Here are the different types, these will help grow your business as a tradesperson and gain traffic which leads to new customers:

  1. Reviews and ratings- Yelp, Google.  According to research, 76% of consumers trust online reviews as much as family and friends recommendations. Also, 57% of consumers claim that they prefer using businesses with at least 4 review stars. 
  2. Testimonials- asking satisfied customers to share their experience with your brand is effective. 89 % of customers said that testimonials were the most reliable type of content, which is good for tradespeople.
  3. Influencers-  30% of consumers and 70% of Millennials are more likely to buy something that’s promoted by a blogger. Also in the same study, they found out that celebrity promotions are not as effective and only influence  the buying decision of 3% of consumers.
  4. Awards and recognition
  5. Subscriber counts
  6. Social connections and shares- engaged audience to grow brand and people are more likely to follow if you have more followers


What Are the Benefits of Google My Business? 

Tradesmen get found on Google

  • Cost effective- free business listing on Google will gain you access to many potential clients. They gain access to your details and website. Allows them to see your busiest hours and review ratings.
  • The local ‘3 pack’ area – in Google Maps results, the first three listings are reserved or known as ‘paid search’. It used to be a list of seven to ten results. The change to three made it better for mobile users who want results which are close by on a small screen. 
  • Optimisation- The ads above local 3-pack are Cost per click and some spend lots on paid search ad campaigns. A highly optimised profile allows your business to appear near the top of search results for free!
  • Change your strategy- Claiming your GMB profile is the first easiest step in the process of building your online visibility. Keeping track of daily changes in algorithms and listings can be a challenge. Whether you choose to keep on top of it or you hire a firm either way it’s beneficial.

Why Is Facebook a Good Marketing Platform for Tradespeople?

It is the most common when tradespeople use social media channels. It has lots of different features to create appealing accounts. 

Here are some useful tips:

  1. Add the right profile picture, normally it’s a logo that reflects brand (180 x 180)
  2. Cover photo- 820 x 312 pixels. 
  3. Add your website. 
  4. Right business category- relevant, add page tabs to promote products/services,
  5. Create video playlists organise content.
  6.  Analytics- how popular. keywords in description.

What Is Reputation Management?

The effort to influence what and how people think of someone or a brand. 

  • Mostly online- can’t control what someone thinks, only by what they see.
  • Reputation affects sales and marketing- what people think of the brand influences everything. It’s hard to sell to people who don’t trust the brand.
  • A legitimate practice
  • Can be abused


So what are you waiting for? You have no excuse now…start applying these tips which will lead you and your business up the steps to success

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