If you’re feeling scattered either with too many general inquiries that don’t suit your ideal type of project or don’t know where to start with marketing your business, it may be time to create a customer targeting plan. Creating a targeted marketing plan for your ideal type(s) of clients can help you find direction for your marketing efforts, and help you get the projects you want most.


Before You Begin: Define Your Trade Business’s Strengths

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Before you worry about your ideal clients, you need to understand what your trades or contracting business does best. Take some time to weigh out all the strengths and expertise you have available on your team, and think about the projects that your team could most consistently excel at while still turning a profit. 


While this is a great time to dream big about everything your team can do, be sure to also factor in your limitations – what can your team do right now with the level of manpower you have right now? This will help you target the types of clients and projects you need to tackle now to grow.


Define Your Ideal Clients

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Once you have a good stock of your business’s strengths and capabilities, you can start thinking about your ideal projects and clients. You may want to think about existing clients you’ve had a particularly good experience with and what made them a good fit for your business; you’ll also want to take note of how you got these customers in the first place.


As you think about your ideal clients, you may want to generally create one or a few “ideal client profiles”, with details like:


  • Location
  • General income 
  • General age/gender/family structure characteristics
  • Job title/occupation (especially if you’re doing commercial work)
  • Level of expertise around your services (and comfort with DIY work)


Choose Marketing Channels That Fit Your Ideal Clients


Once you have an idea of the type(s) of clients you need to find, you can start thinking about where you can best reach these people. For some types of clients, social media might be a good way for you to connect. For others, you may want to think about sponsoring or having a presence at local events. While the best marketing channels for contractors and trade businesses vary, one constant, no matter who your ideal customers are, is that you’ll need a well-optimized tradesmen website to help you communicate about your business.


Tailor Your Marketing Messages to Your Ideal Clients 

As you’re putting together your website, drafting social media posts, and creating other marketing materials, you’ll want to keep your ideal customer in mind. Will they want lots of information or just a little? What questions are they most likely to have for us? What language will connect with them?


Adjusting your marketing messages to your ideal audience will help you create more impactful marketing materials. Plus, this exercise will set you up to provide great customer service as you move to working with these individuals personally. 


Need Help With Trades Customer Targeting? Digital 4 Trades Can Help!

Although incredibly powerful, customer targeting isn’t always simple. If you need a hand, Digital 4 Trades has the expertise to help you identify your business’s strengths, ideal customers, and most effective marketing opportunities – just reach out to us!

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