Having a digital presence is important for marketing your trades business, but figuring out how to get found on Google isn’t simple. Having a search-optimised website is important, but there are also tools available through Google Business Profile (formerly called Google my Business) to help your business come up on Google Maps.

The best thing about filling out your Google Business Profile? It’s a free way to promote your trades business online and give out your  company details to potential customers. The biggest investment is the time to fill out your profile and keep it updated — but don’t worry, these 5 Google tips for trades businesses will help you get your profile set up in no time! 

1. Enter Company Information on Your Google Business Profile

The main thing to do with your Google Business Profile is to fill out everything. This includes listing your business hours, address, contact information, a link to your tradesmen website, and more. You’ll want to be sure to list all the locations you serve while filling out your profile; this will help Google know when to show your business to searchers in different locations.

2. Upload Photos of Your Business

Adding photos to your Google Business Profile can help you in a number of ways. Uploading a high-quality photo of the outside of your business’ building can help customers identify your location more easily. Plus, you can upload example photos of your work to help highlight the products and services you offer.

If you don’t already have a few high-quality photos that show off your business, taking a few or hiring a photographer can be well worth it. Plus, you can use these photos later when promoting your company on social media or your website. 

3. List the Products or Services Your Company Sells

Google Business Profile allows you to list the services offered by your company and even allows you to list products with images. Fill out this portion of the profile completely, so potential customers can see everything your company offers. 

4. Get and Respond to Reviews

Getting and replying to customer reviews can help your profile rank more highly on Google, and help you show potential customers that you’re engaged. Be sure to respond courteously and completely to positive and negative reviews of your trades business. If you run across spam comments, report them to Google.

5. Update Your Google Business Profile Regularly

Once you’ve set up your Google Business Profile, don’t forget to regularly reply to new reviews and update your company’s information. Be sure that your profile reflects any changes in the services you offer, your operating hours, or contact information. This way, information your potential customers find on Google Maps will be accurate, making it easier for them to contact you with relevant questions and booking requests.

Get Expert Help From a Trades Marketing Agency

Still overwhelmed by marketing your trades business online, even with these Google tips for trades businesses? Working with a trades-focused marketing agency can help! 

Digital4Trades Ltd. can help your trades business with search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, including Google Business Profile configuration, web design, written content development, and more. Our team is here to help you navigate it all, especially the areas that are overly technical or time-consuming for you to tackle while you’re busy keeping day-to-day operations rolling – just contact us to learn more about how we can help.


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