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The importance of lead generation through your website is ever-increasing. In the past, many tradesmen websites have functioned as a sort of online brochure for potential customers to reference as they gather names of local tradesmen. These sites are usually fairly unengaging and only passively interact with potential leads by only providing general company information. Although websites need to list this general information, they can have a much  higher potential to help influence potential customers. Because of this, there are advanced tools that you should use when building a website for your trades business in 2022. 


How Is a Lead Generation Website Different?

Not all tradesmen websites are created equal. While a basic site is better than nothing, a lead generation-focused site is built around customers’ buying journeys. This means guiding site visitors through discovering your company’s basic offers, finding out more about you, building trust for your brand, and, ultimately, becoming a sales lead by reaching out to you or providing their information for a follow-up. To be effective, each of your web pages should be carefully designed to appeal to your target customer(s) and guide them toward choosing to work with your company. 

Transforming Your Existing Tradesmen Website to a Lead Generation Website

If you already have a basic website, you may be wondering what specific steps you can take next to transform it into a more efficient website for driving lead generation. As you work towards a website upgrade, invest in website design and functionality to make your site easy to use and professional-looking. Incorporating testimonials and reviews are also great ways to help build trust with potential leads from the get-go. Before starting on major website updates, you should ensure that you have a clear picture of your target customers. 

By getting a clear picture of the clients you want, you can make sure that your website mentions services relevant to them. It is also critical to use the language and sales pitches that would be relevant to those customers as you develop the content for your site. At this point, you should also have a plan for how you want to get in touch with leads – do you want them to reach out to your team directly or fill out a contact form? Do you want them to primarily communicate over the phone, email, or another way? Having these details clear before starting your site will help you make sure that your site includes calls to action and directions that are consistent and compatible with your business operations.

As you build your site around your target customers, consider the different stages they will go through in making a decision. Try to meet customers in each stage of the decision process by giving them something to engage with further. This can mean helping answer “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)” for those considering services like yours, and offering detailed content for clients who have decided to buy services/products like yours and want to know what to expect if they work with your team specifically. 

To convert site visitors to sales leads, you will need to list your contact info and/or use contact forms for gathering information. Contact info found on your site should be easy for leads to find and should connect them to an efficient line of communication with your business. Contact forms can range in length and purpose (company newsletter sign-up, price quote request, etc.). These forms should generally only ask for necessary information to get the best results. If you are struggling to get form responses, consider offering a special offer or additional content to visitors who complete the form. 

What Happens Next?

Once you launch your lead generation website, you should watch your site’s analytics to see if your changes have boosted leads. If they haven’t been effective, consider making additional adjustments to your site. If you are seeing new leads come in, make sure your sales team is putting in the time to convert your contacts to happy customers. 

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