Running a trades business is tough work, and promoting it on social media has its unique challenges, too. If you haven’t looked into Pinterest marketing for tradesmen, you are in for a treat!

Here’s the main thing about social marketing for trades:

1. First, you want to make sure the time you’re putting into creating and posting content is actually benefiting your business.

2. Second, you want to find the most efficient strategies and channels to use when creating and posting that content, so you can draw as much interest to your products and/or services as possible. 

While Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are many social media marketers’ bread and butter, Pinterest is a powerful, but often overlooked, platform for trades marketing.

Pinterest is a great choice for a range of tradesmen because it offers the perfect place to showcase your work and portfolio right in front of those looking for related ideas and inspiration for their homes.

This means that putting some effort into well-placed Pinterest advertisements and posts can really help out your business, especially for those working in architecture, interior design, carpentry, landscaping, home renovation, and related industries. Plus, these posts are relatively simple and can be based on some of your most impressive recent projects.

Pinterest Posts Can Draw in Serious Buyers

One of the reasons Pinterest is a great social media platform to utilize for promoting your trade business is that people already head to the platform for ideas around their home projects.

You might’ve already had customers show you a Pinterest board or post to show you what they’re looking to do in their home – now imagine if they could find YOUR work on Pinterest, decide that’s what they want, and get that same product or service from you directly!

People searching for specific ideas and inspiration on Pinterest are highly likely to be looking at buying a related product or service in the near future. 

Pinterest advertisements and posts can provide you with an easy way to target serious potential buyers, especially when compared with more network-based platforms, such as Facebook.

What’s better than knowing you’re reaching an audience that’s already interested in what you have to offer?

How to Use Pinterest For Tradesmen

Fortunately, using Pinterest to promote your trades business is simple. In most cases, all you’ll really need to do is take high-quality photos that showcase your work and share them on the site.

You can also add a caption and links that provide the details needed to direct local users to your website. From there, you’ll be set to start raking in serious leads!

Another great part of developing content for Pinterest is that much of the content suited to posting on Pinterest can be easily used for other social media platforms, and even your website’s portfolio content.

In this sense, the work you put into establishing a Pinterest account can be used to benefit other marketing strategies as well.

Pinterest and Your Tradesmen Website

If you’re looking for yet another reason to use Pinterest for your trade business, we’ve got that, too! Pinterest is a great platform to use for establishing helpful backlinks to your website; this can help boost the SEO of your tradesmen’s website, making it easier for people to find your business during web searches.

This overall benefit to your website can help boost a number of pages, including those detailing your services offered and locations served, and prompting users to book your services.

Get Your Portfolio to Shine With Pinterest for Tradesmen

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