At Digital4Trades, we generate leads for architects every day, and we have been working with the same clients for years. The secret is: a plan for getting qualified prospects to trust the business enough to get in touch. And that’s where most agencies go wrong. 

Below you’ll find out where you might have gone wrong and how you can generate leads for your architect business on autopilot like our clients do. 


Sources of Architect Leads 

Of course, when you invest all the time and money in becoming a qualified architect, you want to get your money back. Whether you’ve got a business already and offer this service as an extra, or want to work with high end clients instead of just Joe Public, you will need an online presence. 

The first place where most business owners look for architect leads is directories. You can register on and other directories, but you’ll end up paying for leads, or competing with other people in your area. 

Alternatively, you can try Facebook or other social media advertising. The only problem is that most people are just looking and are not ready to buy. Plus, Meta platforms are not as trustworthy today than they used to be. 

Getting a website, however, will give you instant credibility, and you can showcase your work. Not to mention that your website is your own property online, and cannot be shut down or hacked  like your Facebook or Instagram account. 

Should You Buy Architect Leads? No. 

bidding for architect leads

Buying leads normally ends in tears for architects. First of all, the quality of leads might be very low. Secondly, you might end up competing with other people who were also sent the same leads and paid for them. 

Having people contact you directly instead of five or ten architects will get you a better chance of winning the job. That’s why you should not be buying leads. 

How We Get Leads for Architects 

Our approach to getting qualified leads for architects is based on organic visibility and well planned marketing. Getting local traffic from Google My Business, managing your reputation, and showcasing your services and portfolio is where we start. 


Your online presence is like an advertisement that is available 24/7, instead of only when the leaflets or magazines are delivered. 

Case Study: Marketing for Architects


old architect website


design for architect website

We’ve been working with Adam Design for a few years now. Rebuilding the 2009 leaflet-style website was only a start. We worked on their SEO from the ground up, and focused on their local reputation management. Now they are busier than ever, and the hard work has paid off. Getting calls and contact form submissions without lifting a finger is the long term benefit of local SEO. 

In fact, our client has had top rankings locally for over a year!


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