At Digital4Trades, we are passionate about sports and our marketing agency has been sponsoring individuals and teams over the past few years. Today, we will introduce our new partnerships with our “home” football team, HelsbyFC and our sponsorship of Ian Gibson, who is an excellent swimmer, competing nationally.

The Story of the Colaboration between Helsby FC and Our Marketing Agency

As a founder of Digital4Trades, Al has always been playing sports of some sort. Before Covid hit, he was attending football training in Frodsham. When he met with an old friend he learned more about the club and had a chat with the leaders. He found out that they were looking for support from local businesses, so he got involved.

Initially, he only became the match ball sponsor, but for the next season, he has already committed to become a kit sponsor. That logo will look great on the home and training team kits!

It’s been a journey for Digital4Trades, and it is a great way of giving back and being more visible in the tradeseople community locally.

And did Helsby FC do us proud? Of course, they did!

  • MSC Express West Chester AF League 2nd Division Champions for 2023
  • Retained Runcorn and District FA Cup for 2023

Onwards and Upwards, boys!

The Story Behind Swimming Sports and Digital4Trades Collaboration

Founder, Al has known Ian for a long time, as the marketing agency has an account with Business Magnet, for which he is working as a senior account manager. Ian told Al about his involvement in sports, such as coaching a local junior team, and competing in swimming  all around the South East of England and has competed in the England national masters in Sheffield in 2022 as well. The story inspired Al, so he became a swimming kit sponsor, alongside other businesses.


He made a comeback to the swimming pool after a 28-year break to achieve some great results. He is 43 years old and is an inspiration for every man thinking they cannot push themselves because they are over 40! In 2022  Ian won 7 medals which were 5 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold.

In 2023 Ian has done us proud, too.

He recently came 3rd in  the EDSC masters meet for 50 breaststroke and 4th in the      50 meters fly and 7th for 50 freestyle. In April, at the New Market Masters Open Meet, Ian Raced in 3 Events.

  •   Won Bronze in 50 freestyle
  •    Came 4th in 50meters breaststroke                                                                                                   
  •   Won Gold in 50 Meters butterfly

The Bottom Line: Sports & Marketing Agency Sponsorship Benefits

Being a local business serving tradespeople who work in the community is a great thing. While we are good at being found online, most of our clients are like family to us. And most of them are traditional; meaning they want to sit down for a brew and have a chat without the suit and boot malarkey. Being known and seen in the local community and supporting local talent is something every marketing agency can benefit from.

And the story continues…. Look out for more sports sponsorship news from Digital4Trades.

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