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It can be tough to figure out the best ways to invest in marketing your trades business. That said, digital marketing for tradesmen doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Good tradesmen marketing includes a few key strategies; using your existing network for finding new leads, getting your business out there on visible sites/directories, and creating engaging social content to engage potential clients. This post will review a few of the top strategies for boosting your marketing game in 2022.

tradesmen marketing strategies

Get the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Network

Because LinkedIn connects you with your professional network, you can comfortably share business updates through your profile without worry and can grow brand awareness while doing it. The odds are you already have a network of clients, friends, and professional acquaintances who would be happy to connect with you on LinkedIn. Connecting with them and sharing information about your business can help get more eyes on your content and spread the word about your company within your credible personal network. If you have friends with non-competing trade businesses, you can help each other out by liking and engaging with each other’s content. 

Use Tradesmen Directories

One of the most popular tradesmen marketing techniques is to use directories/referral sites. These sites, such as Checkatrade and TrustATrader, are designed to help users (your potential leads) locate tradesmen while searching for local services. These sites help possible leads find out about your business and help you demonstrate that you run a legitimate business. However, keep in mind that these sites typically charge for memberships, so it will cost you a bit to get started.

Get Serious About Review Sites

As potential customers shop around, they are likely to seek out reviews for your company to vet the quality of your services. To do this, they will likely land on sites like Yelp to check out reviews. Although you can’t completely control what others say about your business, you can help your company look its best on these sites by creating and/or claiming your business page and responding to reviews. You can also sometimes manage reviews by flagging the irrelevant ones; familiarize yourself with the options for your review site(s) and use them when needed. 

Put Google My Business to Work for Free

Claiming your Google My Business page is free and can be incredibly helpful for promoting your business. Setting up this page is super simple for you, and will help potential leads find your site and basic info very easily. There’s no way to go wrong with this one! 

Social Media Marketing for Your Tradesmen Business

Tradesmen can benefit from social media marketing. Investing time in social media accounts can help you show off your team’s work, list reviews from your happy customers, demonstrate that your company is active, and help prospective customers find your website and contact info. Along with helping list your business on another page, having a social media presence can even help with Search Engine Optimisation for your website.

Ready to put these tips to use, but don’t have the time to juggle all of them? Get in touch with our team and let us know how we can help you crush your 2022 tradesmen marketing goals! 


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